Cable Tray and Conduit Solutions

Cable Tray & Conduit

When installing copper cabling Layer One keeps in mind what type of environment the cables are exposed to. This is very important due to the fact when close to electrical wiring, electric paneling, or fluorescent light fixtures copper cables are subject to E.M.I ( Electric Magnetic Interference), this causes data packet loss. At Layer One we will minimize any risk or exposure to these elements by creating a clean and secure pathway designed for communication cables only.

Layer Ones Cable Tray and Conduit Solution's Services include:

  • Design and installation of below floor and overhead cable tray systems
  • Design and installation of structured cabling raceway solutions
  • Installation of EMT, Liquid tight and PVC conduit solutions
  • Installation of J-Hook pathways
  • Installation of H-frames, cabinets and wall mount brackets
  • Installation of FT4/FT6 Inner duct tubing solutions